My Top 10 (dead of) Summer Flick Picks 2016

Well, now that we’re on a break from all the GOT drama (for a while); let’s not forget the simple pleasures in life that are equally enthralling and worth the while.

I’m talking about the slumber summer! Yes, that time of the year when your body is on a constant drowsy mode and your mind just feels like procrastinating on your “To-do list” (please don’t tell me it is just me).

If that’s the case, I have you covered. I curated a perfect summer movie list to put those unproductive days to shame.  Let’s get your summer on… 

#1. Adventureland (2009) :

We all dream of that big European tour before/after or in between college period which is suppose to enlighten us and make us oh so superior to our college mates (or anyone really). Some get lucky; and then there are some like our lead here who got super lucky.


 #2. Frances Ha (2012)

This movie is straight up fantastic! It’s noir and comical at the same time and it makes you feel at your most uncomfortable comfort zone. I don’t think if you’ll understand my interpretation of it as I put it, but do check it out and let me know if you feel the same or not.


#3. Stand By Me (1986)

What is summer without an adventure and a childhood adventure at that! It will make you long for those good old days when you were naive and didn’t have a care in the world. This one just happens to be a movie. Watch out to know why!


#4. The Man in the Moon (1991):

OK. So I watched it many “moons” ago and was captured by it’s shear raw nature. It is one of those movies that sticks with you for a long time. Reese Witherspoon as a child star did an amazing job in the movie. It’s the right kinda summer romance/drama that I approve of.


#5. Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008):

No list is complete without my love’s (Woody Allen) work. (Side note-I’m biased). Watch how a summer holiday abroad changes the lives of two best friends forever.


#6. Georgia Rule (2007)

This movie may not be critically acclaimed, but it sure does the trick for a “Must watch summer flick”. It is about troubled women dealing with life’s troubles and trust me it’s not easy being a woman surrounded by your mother and grandmother (I know what I’m talking about). To get to know the female brain, watch this this summer.

(R.I.P. Garry Marshall)


#7. Stay Alive (2006)

I was a total gamer and a horror movies fanatic while growing up. So, I watched this when I was young and impressionable. Trust me, I could not sleep alone for a week after I saw this. The haunting images are still etched in my memory. So much better than the “Conjuring” s**t making the rounds these days.


#8. Death Proof (2007):

Tarantino, feet fetish, thriller, cars, girls. All one could ask for during summer time.


#9. Roman Holiday (1953):

Roma! What a place to get lost into, make friends and have an adventure! The only classic movie reference in this list. Audrey Hepburn as a royalty and Gregory Peck as the scheming old gentleman makes this movie the feel good movie of the lot.


#10. Little Darlings (1980):

Summer camps and silly bets; that’s what makes up for a memorable experience. Watch what these girls did while on their summer vacation and reminisce about the times you did something equally juvenile.

Well, this was my recommendations for the summer. Comment below and tell me yours…


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